12V 24V to 5V for car dvr

  • Model Number: HY-U240525M
  • Input Voltage: 12V 24V
  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Output Current: 2.5A Max
  • Waterproof rating: None
  • Product Weight: 100g
  • Product size: 75×35.5×23.5mm
  • Non-isolated buck module
  • Case Material: Plastics shell, without Epoxy potting
  • Over current, Over temperature and short circuit protections
  • Applications: Electromotor, Telecommunications, Logging Vehicles Forklifts and Led market etc…

The Specification of 12V 24V to 5V for car dvr

DC-DC Step Down Converter 12V 24V to 5V Micro USB/Mini USB for Car DVR Dash Cam Driving Recorder

Model HY-U240525M
Product NameDC-DC Step Down Converter 12V 24V to 5V
Input rated voltage 12V 24V DC
Input voltage range 8-35V DC
Conversion Efficiency 96% 
Output voltage DC 5V
Output current 2.5A
Output rated power 12.5 Watts
Voltage regulation < 1%
Load regulation < 2%
Ripple (full load test) < 150mV
No-load current < 20mA
Working Temperature -25°c ~ +65°c
Waterproof rating None, without Epoxy potting
ProtectionsOver-current, Over-temperature, Short-circuit protection
Product size75*35.5*23.5mm
Installation Cable LengthInput:1M / Output: 2M
Product Weight 100g
Case Material Plastics Shell
Cooling way Free air convection
Certifications CE, RoHS
Warranty 12 Months


Intelligent Controller

1.Delay Start : Automactive delay 12 Seconds to start the power to avoid the restarting under some unstable voltage condition.For example,  the voltage may be unstable when the user start the car.

2.Keep working 30 Seconds for low voltage suddenly: the power can continue working for 30 seconds as long as input voltage is higher than 8V and ACC is till powering when the voltage drop low suddenly during the converter is working, this is also apply even the user setted the Minimum start voltage, the converter will continue working if the input voltage can revive to normal within 30 seconds, or it will be closed! For example, the Driving recorder can still keep working under this function if the voltage was dropped when the user turn on the headlight suddenly.

3. Low Voltage Protection: Protect voltage and monitor time can be selected by different number buttons as below. Ideal Power Solution for GPS nagivator,Car Driving DVR recorder,Mobile Phone and Car related consumer Electroincs.

Voltage selection button:
2. (12V/25V)

Monitor Time selection:

For example: press button 1 and 5 will run protection when the voltage is 11.5V or 23.5V and the monitor time is 12 hours. It means that the input voltage is lower than 11.5V or 23.5V,then the output is not available, the power will be closed after working 12 hours normally.The default setting is 1 and 5 when the current setting is not the above 8 status.

Below is the type of output port

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